Upcoming Event – Gastrodagarna

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
When: 2017.05.17-2017.05.19
Website: http://gastrodagarna.svenskgastroenterologi.se

Stop by Medifactia’s booth during the three day congress for exposure to our full offerings: Transit-Pellets™ and Transit-Pellets™ Monitoring System.

Learn more about Transit-Pelletsmethod™ (formerly known as ‘Abrahamsson Method’) from the founder himself, Professor Hasse Abrahamsson.

Professor Hasse Abrahamsson
Measurement of transit time in clinical practice. How to measure, when to measure and how you use the results.

This luncheon is a one-stop-shop for you to evaluate the benefits of colonic transit tests for your patient’s and to learn more about Transit-Pelletsmethod™ (formerly known as “Abramsson’s method) from the founder himself, Professor Hasse Abrahamsson.

Professor Magnus Simren
– Professor Magnus Simrén, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg
– Associate Professor Susanna Walter, Linköping University Hospital
– Professor Wilhelm Graf, University Hospital, Uppsala

Optimal management of patients with chronic constipation, 2017.

Update on the latest knowledge in the treatment measures and investigation time for patients with chronic constipation. The speakers will provide a comprehensive picture of the area and highlight the physiology relevant investigation, review of existing drugs and how they can be used as well as various non-pharmacological treatments. Within the non-pharmacological field will substances biofeedback and surgical methods (e.g., sacral nerve stimulation) discussed but also diet and exercise.

Recently published an international Delphi study, F-PAR. There is a consensus report for the acting of patients where current treatment does not provide adequate help. Results and checklist from this publication also touches the symposium.